August 2013 - Photoshop Creative Magazine - Editor's Choice Awarded.
L'Oreal Model Digital Art Brush Portrait - Adobe Photoshop
The Digitally airbrushed portrait in Photoshop. Help you create lifelike photo realistic portraits no matter who the subject is.
I have used a L’Oreal model as reference because I enjoy the challenge of creating realistic artistic hair and skin tones.
This digital drawing is usually scribbled out in my digital sketchbook and then finished up and  polished in Photoshop.
I used the Adobe Photoshop Air Brush tool and I re-created the L’Oreal model on 1167 layers.
Al Hayrat Deep Sea Treasures, BBK Bank
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Retouching - Photo Manipulation
The Flying Shard in Photoshop
Digital Retouching
Mr & Mrs Smith - Film Poster - with Adobe Illustrator
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Cartoon Characters
Cartoon character design - Storyboard
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